CVP Proposal: Gamma



Gamma is a protocol for non-custodial, automated, and active management of concentrated liquidity. Gamma currently supports fourteen blockchains and twelve decentralized exchanges. The protocol manages approximately $75m in TVL and over 300 pairs that utilize various automated strategies and incentive programs.

With this Community Verified Project (CVP) application, we hope to take the first step in participating in the Metis ecosystem.

Tech Utility

Gamma is known as a Concentrated Liquidity Manager (CLM) or Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker (CLMM). This is a class of protocols that are designed to deal with the unique challenges posed by concentrated liquidity. These challenges include managing liquidity pools correctly, mitigating impermanent loss (IL), deploying incentive programs, and more.


Gamma’s key feature is the vault. Gamma’s vaults allow users to deposit liquidity into supported liquidity pools in a non-custodial manner and utilize proper strategies. These strategies optimize performance by maximizing fee production, minimizing impermanent loss, and creating optimum liquidity conditions for the supported pool and traders using those pools. Vault performance is viewable on our analytics suite. Gamma also supports several in-house and 3rd party platforms for protocols to reward incentives to liquidity providers, including our own “GammaChef” rewarder platform and Angle Merkl. Finally, Gamma offers protocol liquidity and treasury management services to various projects.

These applications are all critical to the health of the Metis ecosystem by creating stable and efficient channels for liquidity to flow into the ecosystem.

About Us

Gamma is a global team developing concentrated liquidity solutions since its creation. Gamma has collaborated with various AMMs and blockchains to supply backend liquidity management services and support. The team comprises business development, strategy, frontend, backend, data analytics, marketing, social media, documentation, and community management.


We have been through three significant audits by ConsenSys Diligence, Arbitrary Execution, and Certik. All major issues have been mitigated and resolved. We have several other security measures, including active monitoring, TWAP checks, deposit caps, and routine stress testing.

Uniqueness Factor

Gamma will be the first to bring concentrated liquidity management to Metis. Our cross-chain and AMM model experience allows us to integrate and assist projects on Metis efficiently. Gamma has extensive experience in the liquidity sector and has created a sustainable funding path to support the project indefinitely.

Alignment with Metis

Concentrated liquidity has proven to be significantly more capital-efficient than older liquidity models. By bringing concentrated liquidity management to Metis, we are leveling the playing field with other blockchains and providing the Metis ecosystem with critical infrastructure. Gamma benefits by gaining more experience with another innovative blockchain and opening up a whole ecosystem of potential partnerships.

Current Deployment Status

Gamma has begun building infrastructure to deploy on Metis. Gamma is currently in discussions with projects that support concentrated liquidity on the Metis blockchain. Gamma has begun deploying backend and frontend infrastructure with Metis, and any contract deployment will be added to this section as added.

Integration Roadmap

September 2023: Setting up critical Metis infrastructure

October 2023: Deployment of backend and support for a concentrated liquidity AMM

November 2023: Frontend support on with analytics