DeFiHelper is a management assistant app for crypto portfolios of any size. The app is used for automating and boosting returns on DeFi investments. DFH provides a comprehensive overview of the entire portfolio, automates routine actions, reports on important market-related events, saves on fees, and helps users earn more on their investments. In the near future, users will also be able to find investment strategies on the DFH marketplace or create their own and earn a percentage of the profits received from the users who apply them.

https://defihelper.io/ - official site.
https://defihelper.io/static/media/DeFiHelper_pitchdeck.pdf - pitchdeck
defi-helper · GitHub - github

DeFiHelper can restake tokens automatically and helps users earn more using the power of compound interest. (The mathematical model - https://defihelper.io/static/media/Math_Behind_DeFiHelper.pdf) developed by the DFH team makes decisions based on fees, token prices, and other factors.
Ready-made, high-yield investment strategies devised by other users can be applied (available soon) and followed. Users can also create their own strategies and earn a percentage of the profits received from the users who apply them.
DeFiHelper monitors and reports on sudden changes in profitability, important market-related events, impermanent loss, as well as changes in a crypto portfolio.

What is DeFiHelper? A Complete Overview - YouTube overview of DeFiHelper

DFH allows users to automate many actions, depending on certain conditions, such as gas price, time etc. After executing a script, the system hands over control to a special smart contract. DFH manages user portfolios via this contract.
The smart contract and funds are always under the user’s control. Security is paramount for DFH. All smart contract code is open and anyone can perform an audit of any DFH script.

DeFiHelper supports many wallets: MetaMask, TrustWallet, Ledger, Trezor, Coinbase, WalletConnect, Binance, Fortmatic, Portis, WavesKeeper, WavesExchange.



DeFiHelper was created by an experienced team composed of the former and current employees of BondAppetit, Tokenomica, Deloitte, Mail.ru Group and Artemy Lebedev Studio:

Vladislav Komissarov is the founder and head of the project. CTO of BondAppetit. Vladislav has about 20 years of experience as a developer and technical director in many IT projects.

Artem Tolkachev is a co-founder. Former Head of the Blockchain Lab at Deloitte.

Ilya Munerman is the developer of the mathematical models used in DeFiHelper. He has a PhD in economics, leads the scoring systems project, and works as an Assistant Professor at New Economic School and HSE University.