DIA Oracle


DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) is an open-source oracle platform that enables market actors to source, supply and share trustable data. DIA is an ecosystem for open financial data in a financial smart contract ecosystem. The target of DIA is to bring together data analysts, data providers and data users. In general, DIA provides a reliable and verifiable bridge between off-chain data from various sources and on-chain smart contracts that can be used to build a variety of financial dApps.

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:globe_with_meridians: Features

:white_check_mark: Pricing Methodology of Crypto Exchange Quotations
:white_check_mark: Interbank Overnight interest rates
:white_check_mark: Compounded rate
:white_check_mark: Crypto Volatility index

:coin: Governance Token

The $DIA Token empowers the community to govern over the DIA platform