Flair - Web3 Developer Tooling Platform

Project Name: Flair
Project Category: Web3 Developer Tooling Platform

Team Member(s):

Aram –(based in Netherlands ): Hired as a software engineer in 2008, co-founded 3 startups, 1 reached product-market fit, worked at high-traffic products. Self-learned English and programming from a small town in Iran, and immigrated to Europe against all odds. Heard about Ethereum 2017 but seriously studied crypto (DAOs, DeFi, NFTs) since 2019.

Kasra – (based in Norway): Studied strategic marketing, has a YT channel focused on NFTs, co-founded 2 startups, software developer at fortune 500 company, experience building NFT communities. Self-learned English and studied business management.

Who are we?

Flair (https://flair.dev) is a web3 developer tooling platform that helps projects sell more NFTs with our credit-card and cross-chain-payment solutions and also build faster and save time/cost on web3 development by offering scalable smart contracts, relayer API and wallet solutions.

So far, we have helped +4700 (and continuing) developers using Flair and closely working with several crypto games, defi/nft projects, web2 companies, etc. to integrate different web3 features into their projects.

We have full compatibility with Metis, so projects and developer can deploy their contracts on Metis chain.

Useful links:

Site: https://flair.dev/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlairSDK
Discord: Flair
Pitch Deck: https://www.canva.com/design/DAFXKCAkcaY/EQHkkb8EFjtbaQshm9JYHw/view