Flushy Play

Flushy Ecosystem is a collection of 10,000 NFTs. Flushy NFT will transform into in-game NFT whenever a user takes part in one of Flushy activities. An NFT allows users to participate in certain GameFi, SocialFi activities or the DEFI services to earn profits.

With NFT-DAO, Flushy NFT owners will become a part of the project, and as a result, have the right to vote on Flushy’s amendments and/or updates and receive a percentage of the project’s revenue based on the level and number of NFTs they own.


  • GameFi: Each game will have different rewards and EXPs; some offer little reward, some will offer a lot, and some offer nothing at all. The meta games will be updated gradually to maximize user’s experiences.
  • SocialFi: Flushy will offer some social services like Meetings, Live-stream, Ads and Talk Show for everyone, even if you are KOLs, Organizations, Project Teams, Streamers or just normal users.
  • DEFI services will be integrated to increase the diversity of the ecosystem. Services include: Landing and Borrowing; LaunchPad; Scoring; Audit and KYC; Staking and Farming.

Website: https://flushyplay.com/

Flushy Token ($FLU), together with NFT, is the token management of the whole project, representing a portion of the project’s progress.

Our Business Model is the solution to the most challenging issues that metaverse, NFT gaming projects are facing today.