Kyrios Finance


Safe METIS miner with high 2,920% APY that rewards investors with sustainable minimum 8% daily return and offers unlimited growth potential.

Our smart contract is completely immutable meaning an object whose state cannot be modified after it is created. KYRIOS = SAFU

We have created referrals system to ensure optimal volume. Share your referral link to get 12% referral fee from every person that will make a deposit.

How to invest

  1. Go to our DAPP

  2. Connect your wallet.

  3. Deposit desired amount of METIS.

  4. Share Referral Link for extra %.

  5. Reinvest and Collect whenever you decide.

How referral works

When a user adds METIS by using the referral link, it takes 12.5% of the their purchase miners (not METIS) and adds it to their rewards accumulated.

If they add METIS at a later date without using the referral link, the referrer still gets their referral bonus.

So it’s not a % of their METIS but the % of their miners which is a different number that depends on the amount of METIS in the pool.


Daily Return: 8%

APR: 2920%

Dev Fee: 5%

The dev fee will be used for marketing and sustainability.

Please read the FAQ via the website


Having studied other miners we have tried and tested out various strategies to find out what gives the best returns in the long term. The best strategy is to re-invest (compound) 6 times and collect 1 time every week.


  • $KYRIOS token to boost TVL and pool sustainability. Launching with dev fees as liquidity
  • Yield-bearing NFTs
  • Marketing and community referral outreach
  • More to be listed once whitepaper released



Contract: Kyrios (0x3f31443c43e70e810d3BBc7080dcFc7409cfDF14) - Andromeda Explorer

Treasury Wallet Locked: OnlyMoons

Wallet will be locked every 14 days.