MetaLine officially launched OKC testnet. MetaLine choose okc as second public chain

MetaLine officially launched OKC testnet OKC
With the strong support of okc official, we choose okc as our second public chain.
We will re-issue the token on okc, about 3% of CDTC about 9 million will be given to testers and community, So what are you waiting for?

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MetaLine Introduction

MetaLine is a large-scale sailing business adventure game based on reality, being one of the most promising projects of the BSC chain. MetaLine has two major modules of mission system and port system. The mission system consists of production, nautical trade, warfare (PVP, PVE) and other systems.

You can profit by doing the above tasks. The port system is the most
characteristic system of MetaLine with trade unions, port competition, port governance and other parts. You need to manage the port well, earn
profit for the trade union (community), and distribute dividends to those
who contribute to achieve a win-win situation.

Game Features - Mission System
Production mission: Each port produces different goods, and by pledging tokens, the production of goods is started.

Adding nft heroes can speed up production. After the production is successful, the goods can be sold or the transportationtrade can be started to earn income.

Trading: Buying an NFT ship or building a ordinary ship will produce (purchase) the goods. By applying NFT heroes and paying for the sailing consumption, you can start transporting your goods with the entire interface visible. After transporting the goods to the destination, you may sell the goods to make profit. (NFT ships and heroes’ buffs can be superimposed).

Goods: MetaLine has a total of 73 kinds of goods, which are divided into two categories.

  1. Consuming goods: Food, wood, and iron are used during sailing and upgrading of ships.

  2. Transportation: 70 kinds of transportation goods are divided into three categories: economic, ordinary and expensive, and are distributed in different ports. Each port has an independent pricing system.

MetaLine has a variety of gameplay combinations, you can pick the one that suits you best according to how you distribute

your time and effort. Through the production of goods, the building of fleets, trading, selling goods, establishing trade

unions, port competitions, and after occupying the port, you will become a noble city lord and can start port governance.

While profiting, you will also gain a respectable reputation.

MetaLine will also release various side mission from time to time, you can profit from completing them.

Sales module

MetaLine released 2000 exquisite Hero Mysteryboxes, 888 impeccable Hero Mysteryboxes and 199 flawless Hero

Mysteryboxes on the official website on May 14, 2022.

Whitelisted users will be given priority to purchase.

How to get whitelisted: You can get whitelisted by being active in the community, participating in activities, and becoming a community contributor.

For the Ship Mysteryboxes, MetaLine released 999 exquisite Mysteryboxes and 299 flawless Mysteryboxes on the official website on August 3, 2022.
How To Earn Profit

MetaLine awards players with MetaLine Gold when player completes production, trade or other missions in game. The Gold can be traded through SWAP or port banks.

First, you can deposit MetaLine Gold at the port bank, and exchange them at 24:00. The exchange rate will be calculated by the total CDTC deposited in the bank on the day * the total deposited MetaLine Gold by the player in the bank on the day/total MetaLine Gold deposited in the bank on the day.

The port quotas are different, if the number of people and the total number of exchanges are larger, the amount of CDTC exchanged will be less. More port banks need to be analyzed and explored to achieve high yields.

NFT profiting

NFT boost

NFT heroes will perform LV1-LV5 production acceleration and LV1-LV5 sailing speed acceleration for production and trading.
NFT hero and NFT ship attribute enhancements can be stacked.


Players can pledge unused NFTs on the official website STAKING page to obtain additional income.

N-UR will get a yield of 8%-16%, making idle NFTs also profitable.

Token Sale
Jack Founder
Web3 advocate, blockchain in-depth enthusiast. He obtained PhD in finance at Université Paris I - Panthéon Sorbonne, with a profound
understanding and experience of blockchain technology,cryptography, token economy, numerology, and the cryptocurrency market.
Johnny Co-founder/Technical Director
Excellent blockchain engineer, blockchain security expert, focusing on hardware solutions to ensure blockchain security, has led the development of cutting edge cryptocurrency mining chips and the most advanced data center design.
Former partner of (overseas), senior product manager, game producer, has led the development of “Fleet Commander”, strives to create a GameFi product with high playability and rich game ecology.

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