We want the blockchain on which the games are built to be fast and accessible, because for traders and players who make an average of 8 transactions a day, these parameters are crucial. And it is in our and your interests - more exciting projects, more audience and transactions. That’s why we want to offer you a cooperation.
We created Gmart - an NFT marketplace for ingame assets that supports your blockchain and projects created on it. Gmart simplifies communication between creators, gamers, and traders, and helps to attract more players to projects and ensure transparency of interaction and security.
Gmart provides ease of trading ingame NFTs for players and their guilds and allows developers to convey information and value of the project to all those who are interested in the blockchain games and NFT segment.
Having common goals with you in the form of promoting web 3.0, global involvement of people in blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, we offer cooperation in the field of marketing. By advertising Gmart to your community we can help each other to increase activity and involvement of the developers, gamers, and traders using your blockchain.
Partnership presentation Google Drive: Sign-in
Audits: Smart-Contract-Security-Audits/Gravis Finance at master · chainsulting/Smart-Contract-Security-Audits · GitHub
Tokenomics: Gravis Finance tokenomics - Google Sheets

Looking forward to hearing back from you, have a great day!