Dear Diary,

Today was a very difficult day. I usually have a positive outlook on life and I try to see the best in things and so when someone tells me something negative, my answer is always “good.” Good, because with every negative event, there is always some positive that’s bound to come out from it. For example,

  • The market went down 90%? Good, we can buy at a 90% discount.

  • The market is crabbing? Good, we can yield farm with “delta neutral” positions or better yet learn a completely new strategy with a better name.

  • Got rugged? Good, we can learn from this and apply this knowledge for next time.

But damn, today for the first time in awhile I genuinely felt that “Good” was just not going to be good enough. I took a deep sigh, reclined my seat back and closed my eyes. I thought of the times when clicks of a mouse would mean my dad is playing Solitary on Windows 95 in the next room. Little did he know that those same clicks of mouse decades later would also allow me to play my own hands and strategies in a seemingly constructed and manipulated game as I sit in my room in solitary.