Standard Protocol


Standard Protocol is the first Collateralized Rebasable Stablecoin (CRS) protocol for synthetic assets. It introduces a new paradigm for liquidity aggregation. In contrast to the previous generation of algorithmic stablecoins, Standard rebases its stablecoin supply in each era. It will act as the catalyst for the finacial activities of other parachains, to enable leveraged trading and arbitrage via a built-in AMM. it will also include a protocol for synthetic asset markets by way of decentralized oracle.

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How is Standard Protocol different

Stablecoins are either over-collaterized, fiat backed, or algorithmic to secure its volatility. However, each of their examples were not able to decentralize their operations and often rely on centralized protocol reserves to the organization with central authority. On the other hand, Standard only provides unit of an account with smart contracts, providing full sovereignty with equal set of rules.

This enables users to:

  • :joystick: Have full control over its monetary system : Users need to verify from their generated set of rules without relying on its leaders or operators

  • :briefcase: Leverage his or her finance into business : Users can build their protocol related to user’s account

  • :fire_extinguisher: No custodial risk of collaterization: Users do not put collaterals in protocol reserve. They put them in their accounts.

  • :chart_with_upwards_trend: Unlimited scalability : Having a reserve currency from a project to back up its value means their funds are stuck in the network. Standard starts with the organic funds truly from its users and maintains its ecosystem only with algorithms representing each network value.

Standard’s goal is to provide a global unit-of-account with fair and transparent sets of algorithms. They evolve with policies from decentralized governance.

:coin: Governance Token

$STDN is the governance and network token of the Standard protocol ecosystem. However, Standard protocol has a 3-token system. $MTR, $LTR & $STDN.

I aspire to become educated in the wizardry tokenomic equations. I plan to commit to the process in the hope to reward those whom have assisted me by growing in compitance to meaningfully contribute in future endevours.

There must be some humour behind this projects naming, look forward to few heavy hitting features

Speculation: BoringDAO created Standard

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