Welcome to Candidac


This is an open forum for all projects live or built on Metis as well as any other project that intends on publicizing to our outstanding community. Candidac plays an extreme role in the ongoing Metis Community Ecosystem Governance (CEG). Projects that desires in becoming a Community Verified Project (CVP) which is an integral part of the CEG program are required to post a CVP-proposal in the the Proposal category. Proposals are approved based on CVP requirements, Followed by Livestream to further discuss the project. The community then execute their Governance Power through a Quadratic Voting System on Snapshot to make the Project a CVP or NOT.

  • Topics of projects must be formatted correctly and the order includes:
    • Summary
    • Website and Audits (if any)
    • Features and Uniqueness
    • Token Description/Utility (if a token is used)
  • Projects with unpopular features/tools can go on to describe how their services can be navigated
  • You can reference other external sources or projects outside of Metis, but any comments must be relevant to the project that you are commenting on.